"There are 3 locations Pro/Engineer ‘looks’ for its configurations"


The first location is the <loadpoint>\text folder
For pre-Creo versions it'll look something like this example from Wildfire 4:


For Creo versions, it'll look like this:
--->'E:\ptc\creo3_m060\Creo 3.0\M060\Common Files\text'


The second location is the User’s home directory
For Windows XP, it'll be something like this:
--->C:\Program Files\Documents and Settings\<user_name>


And for Windows Vista / 7, it defaults to


Finally, the third location is the 'Start in Folder', found in the shortcut. Access this by selecting the icon, then select the right mouse button, followed by properties.


Check the properties of the icon that launches Pro/E

Note that the first location is typically reserved for company standards use. Most users should not store their configuration files there.

Also note that the content of the files is additive. This means that any settings in the second or third locations are combined with those set in the first location.

If it is desired to 'lock' options from being over written, the config.sup file should be used. The config.sup file functions the same as the config.pro file, with the exception of protecting the settings. the .sup extension nomenclature references the 'superior' settings of it's contents.