"A loose collection of random notes on using PTC's Pro/Engineer \ Creo Parametric toolset."

27+ years working with Pro/Engineer = lots of tips and shortcuts

This site will attempt to collect and catagorize my random thoughts and tips. Over the years I have written many short tech support and technique documents for my customers. I often get asked the same question several times, and as a result, I end up rewriting the same information. This site is for my benefit as much as yours. Hopefully this will save me from wasting effort on writing something new for a question I've already answered. It is my hope that you, the Pro/Engineer (and now Creo Parametric) user will find something useful here as well.

Also note there will not be any sales or promotional material here. If you need additional software, training or consultative services, please visit EAC PDS's website, www.eacpds.com

If you have suggestions for topics, or a specific question you would like to see here, please feel free to contact me directly. My email address is: todd (_at_) coldfire-e.com

Site under development, so please be patient

This site is an after hours project for me, so it won't be fully completed anytime soon. Please bookmark the site, and check back once in a while. I hope to be able to add material here on a regular basis. Comments for improving the site are always welcomed. I'd also be interested in putting your material here, too, if it fits with the theme of the project.